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What makes our crackers the eco-friendly

alternative to traditional crackers?

When we started out with the idea that there had to be a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional Christmas crackers we had no idea just how much needed to be taken into consideration not just for the cracker itself but also the fillings and the packaging.  It soon became particularly important to us that as far as practically possible we should do everything we could do to ensure that all of our business decisions were kind to the environment.

Here’s how we’ve achieved that:

Our crackers are handmade using eco-friendly fabrics and ties.

  • All of our crackers are wrapped using 100% pure linen. Yes, there were many considerably cheaper fabrics we could have used, such as cotton, but for us linen was the only choice.  It's a timeless fabric made from natural fibres from the stalks of the flax plant. Unlike the cotton plant, the flax plant does not require much energy or water resources to produce and the entire plant is used to make linen, leaving no waste footprint.

    Growing flax requires no irrigation, no fertilisers and no herbicides and pesticides, and therefore does not pollute rivers or groundwater.


  • Our crackers are tied using jute, which is made from fibre extracted primarily from the bark of the white jute plant.

  • As well as the linen and the ties being eco-friendly and sustainable, we use a durable cardboard tube that should last for years to come if well looked after and can be recycled when it comes to the end of its useful life.


Our cracker fillings are carefully selected for their eco-friendly credentials, enjoyment and usefulness.

All fillers.png
  • All of the chocolate comes in 100% recyclable wrapping.

  • Our wine charms are made primarily of wood with zinc alloy and carbon steel rings. All are lead and nickel free.

  • Our pens have a natural bamboo material barrel rather than a plastic one.

  • Our hats, jokes, quotes & trivia questions are made from recyclable paper or card.

  • So, whether it’s something to eat, something to keep, something to share or something to wear, you can rest assured it’s in keeping with our values.

Our packaging is as minimal as it can be for the protection of your product and biodegradable or recyclable.

  • Our Kraft mailing boxes will be used to store your crackers for years to come and when they can no longer do the job they can be recycled.

  • Our box labels are manufactured using pulp from 100% recycled fibres.

  • Our tissue paper is acid free and biodegradable.

  • Our mailing bags come from a by-product of sugar cane, and grown on reclaimed wasteland, they have no impact on the rainforest, are fully recyclable, use no fossil fuels and are produced from the greenest material on the market.


Finally, we want you to know that we have also considered our carbon footprint in our buying decisions. Even where there were cheaper options, the majority of our supplies have been sourced from the UK but where this has not been an option, we have sourced from just across the seas in Europe. 

By purchasing your Christmas or special occasion crackers from us, you are not only showing that you care for your guests but also your environment.

Happy cracker shopping!

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