An individual, handmade, traditionally tied Christmas cracker, available in a choice of 4 colours: dark red, slate grey, olive green and ecru.


Our individual crackers are unfilled ready for you to hide a special something in. An engagement ring for a loved one, a watch or piece of jewellery for a special birthday, money, vouchers or tickets for the teenagers and chocolates for the children. You name it - if it fits inside a toilet roll, it will fit inside your cracker.

The cracker is wrapped in 100% pure linen and one end will already be tied with eco friendly jute twine whilst we leave the other side empty for you to fill the cracker.

As our crackers can be refilled, we're sure it won't be too long before you find another excuse to use it. What's more, if you like the look of our Furoshiki inspired crackers you'll be pleased to know you can do either style with the linen supplied and our 'how to' instructions.



Eco Friendly, Fill Your Own Christmas Crackers (4 colours) -

SKU: 0010
  • Make a sustainably stylish statement this year by choosing our eco-friendly crackers that are perfectly practical and most importantly, kind to the environment.

    Made from a durable cardboard inner tube and handwrapped in a beautiful 100% pure linen fabric.  The cracker barrel is approximately 14cm in length with a 4cm diameter. 

    The cracker needs to be unwrapped to enjoy the fillings as they do not pull apart.  When unwrapped the napkin size is 43cm x 43cm.

    The napkin is machine-washable on a gentle cycle at 40 degrees, but do not mix with other colors. Tumble dry on a low heat for five minutes and then remove and allow to fully air dry whilst laid flat.

    Please note, the chocolate contains milk and two bars of Green & Black's chocolate contain almonds and hazlenuts. Other chocolate may contain traces of nuts