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The sustainable way to keep up a tradition

I remember enjoying crackers as a child and there could never be too many of them! We would have one each at the dinner table and then we would always ask if we could pull the spare ones in the box.

My kids have too grown up with crackers for Christmas Day lunch and other meals over the Christmas period and they too would go through boxes if allowed.

Over the years I have bought all sorts of different boxes of crackers in an effort to find something enjoyed by the family and yet without that feeling of adding to the huge amount of waste that Christmas produces in so many ways and that isn't expensive for a disposal purchase. See if you relate to my story here.

The Alternative Cracker Company is the culmination of lots of niggling thoughts and ideas transformed into a statement of intent to do things differently.  What I didn’t realise when we started out was how the simple act of choosing an alternative cracker could make a difference to the environment and a big one at that if the alternative became the 'norm'.

My hope is that where alternatives are available, whether its crackers or other things, we can all do our little bit to prevent waste and protect our planet.

Ali Rice


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