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The eco-friendly, reusable, refillable alternative cracker!

Not just for Christmas, our celebration crackers make great gifts, place settings and table decorations for weddings, birthdays, parties and all special occasions. 

Handmade, customised crackers for people that care

Our alternative crackers are eco-friendly, reusable and refillable, making them the only choice 

for people that care about their environment and their guests. Handwrapped with love, and available filled or unfilled, our crackers are ready to decorate your dining table in style or be given as a unique gift to a loved one, special friend or work colleague.  

With lots of different choices for our filled crackers, we know your guests or gift recipients will love them. What's more, as they double up as a napkin and Furoshiki gift wrap are , they're perfectly practical.

The best bit of all is that they're machine washable and reusable - simply refill with some tasty treats or a small gift, or use them as gift wrap using our 'how to' instructions and they're ready for the next special occasion.

So whether you're looking for Christmas crackers, valentine's crackers, Easter crackers, wedding favours, special occasion table favours or a unique gift, we have the perfect eco crackers for you.

Traditional cracker

Our traditional style crackers are just that. They look as you would expect, they 'snap' and a surprise awaits your guests.

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Furoshiki cracker

Inspired by the traditional Japanese way of wrapping, Furoshiki is the name given to the craft and the cloth itself. So stylish you might not even want to unwrap it!

Sustainably stylish, environmentally friendly

Whatever style you choose, our crackers are wrapped in 100% pre-washed linen and double up as your table napkin too.  They can be used occasion after occasion and year after year. Linen is known to get better with age, and lasts much longer than cotton, reflecting new character with time. But most importantly, it's sustainable.

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